SelmaWare Solutions - Upgrade
Developers of StampPlot, MakerPlot and other software packages and hardware.

In an agreement with LearnOnLine, Inc., the new distributor of MakerPlot:

·         For those users who purchased a StampPlot license in 2012, we will be automatically sending out MakerPlot Licenses.
We hope to have all new licenses distributed by the end of January, 2013.


·         If you have a license for StampPlot Pro version 3.7 or higher purchased before 2012, for a replacement license, please:

o   Send us a screen shot of your StampPlot “About” window-


o   Send us the contact information (full name, Email address) you purchased your license with - -


o   Support the development of the new software and spend $39!

·         If you have a license earlier than Version 3.7, our agreement with LearnOnLine does not allow replacement licenses.